Blogging Backlog (Sept. 2017-Dec. 2018)

December 2018 events

AGU. Chaired an interesting session on the climate-volcanism connection. Crazy line-up of speakers:


Wally couldn’t make it, so we had an informal series of lightning talks by Kim Cobb and more.

November 2018 events

My paper describing a new model for nitrate consumption in iron-limited ocean regions was published in Nature Communications in October, but it had a major error (their fault—they didn’t perform all the proof corrections I asked). It was finally fixed and here it is ( prafter-2017-NatureCommFront


I also paid a visit to my pals at Cal Tech to talk oceanography, science, and proxies:


October 2018 events

I was on the Comer family farm in Wisconsin for the Comer Family Foundation Climate Conference (a.k.a. “The Changelings Meeting”). Great people, great food, beautiful place, great time. Here I am presenting my research on producing a glacial-interglacial carbon budget of the Gulf of California—work that suggests increased deglacial seafloor volcanism (in review at PNAS) to Wally Broecker:


September 2018 events

Visited Friday Harbor Laboratory in Puget Sound, WA for the Ocean Memory Workshop. It was jus as weird as it sounds. For example, we made this thing (this is me standing with John Baross, an important figure in origin-of-life science):



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