April-October Update

Difficult to update the webpage when you’re having the craziest / busiest / funnest (sp?) year of your life. Here are some of the many cool things I got into since my last update.

MARCH 2018:
Attended another Ocean Memory workshop / meeting / get-together. I drove up with a new Ocean Memory friend, we surfed, we then picked up another friend (after her special birthday) and drove into the Santa Cruz mountains (where Djerassi is). I’m very lucky to be involved with these weird, wonderful, and crazy smart people. Next stop: Catalina Island (I’m organizing!)

All of us are artists and scientists and this is the moment when we conceived of the “Sawtooth Collective”. More to come…
banana slugs are real. 
these are famous people. sitting on a piece of art in the woods. that’s what kind of place we were working in. 
fantastic dinners for the Ocean Memory investigators
my lodging was in an old horse stable. this was my source of heat. i loved it.

APRIL 2018:
I officiated a wedding in Pioneertown, CA.

Me, my wife, and a cactus (center).

May 2018:
Attended the Tropical Pacific Observing System 2020 planning workshop in Boulder, CO.


JUNE 2018:
Attended the National Academies Keck Futures Initiative mid-grant meeting.


Also visited some friends at JCVI to talk about a new project. This will be some straight-up incredible stuff—if it works!


JULY 2018:
I received a mini-fellowship to learn about “paleo pCO2” methods. In my proposal, I asked to make some preliminary measurements of boron isotopes with my buddies James Rae and Will Gray in St. Andrew’s Scotland. We got some very interesting results and I also went surfing in the Atlantic.

AUGUST 2018:
Goldschmidt conference in Boston, MA. Very fun times.

the charles river

Travel starts to slow down, but everything is now coming due (lots of job applications going out the door). Also gave a talk at USC.


Gave a talk at UW—the University of Washington. I had been waiting for this day for a long time. Gave the best talk of my life, had many great conversations, ate some good food, enjoyed some fall foliage… so many great friends.



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Ocean scientist and enthusiast.

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