New paper in Biogeosciences

The long-awaited global compilation of the N isotopic composition of nitrate (nitrate δ15N) (begun in 2002) is out! A ridiculous amount of work 17 years in the making, but here it is… for all 10 (maybe 12) of you that care!

But wait, there’s more. We used this dataset to train a neural network to estimate nitrate δ15N on the World Ocean Atlas grid. (Yes, it is better than a multiple linear regression; detailed in the online reviews.)

It’s called,

Global trends in marine nitrate N isotopes from observations and a neural network-based climatology

Read the paper here:

All the observations are available via BCO-DMO here: Compiled dataset consisting of published and unpublished global nitrate d15N measurements from from 1975-2018

The Neural Net estimates can be downloaded here:
Estimated nitrate d15N modeled using an ensemble of artificial neural networks (EANNs)

But you can also download a ODV collection of the obs and model results here: prafter_2019_d15N_WOA09.Data.


Author: patrickrafter1

Ocean scientist and enthusiast.

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