Blogging backlog


August 2017: While back east, I visited the Smithsonian’s deep sea coral archives in Washington D.C. Not sure we will get interesting, usable data, but my trip was fruitful (I learned a lot).

July 2017: Gordon Chemical Oceanography (in New London, NH)
I was very happy to give a talk at the Gordon Seminar, then present my poster at the Gordon Conference. Great talks by old and new friends.

June 2017: I was one of 4 scientists to be honored by AGU as an “Outstanding Reviewer” for 2 journals. This kind of thing makes me very excited because my reviews for one journal (GBC) were all modern biogeochemical studies. My reviews for the other journal (GRL) were all paleoceanographic studies.


April 25th: Visited Rutgers University. Gave the “Ice and Fire and CO2” talk. Stayed with Yair Rosenthal (thanks!)

A (literal) song of ice and fire and CO2

I’ve been giving a talk on my latest research titled “A song of ice and fire and CO2,” which is (of course) an homage to the sometimes-great/sometimes-ridiculous series of books by George R. R. Martin. (You may have heard of the most popular television series in the world called Game of Thrones, which is based on these books.)

I gave this talk at Pomona College the other day and was pleasantly surprised that most of the students “got it”. I say this because it’s a complicated story and they were all undergraduates.

Not only did they get it, but one student actually WROTE A SONG ABOUT MY RESEARCH!

Here it is:

My sincerest thanks for Anika Arvanitis for her work!

January 2017: new site, new style

Hi. I’ve decided a couple of things:
(1) The blog will not be updated on my UC Irvine site (although you can still see it here). Instead it will be hosted at

(2) I will aim the text of my blog posts towards a wider audience. People for whom “isotopes” and “phytoplankton” and “foraminifera” are not commonly used words.

(3) I won’t be writing all the HTML myself or make the site in Dreamweaver (like the original from February 2002 to November 2011. (By the way, I might provide some flashbacks to some of these pages, when we were all much younger…)