Palettes by Pat

Ocean Data View is widely used by oceanographers, but their color palettes aren’t very exciting. I made new palettes for ODV (.pal files) that are inspired by the colors used in the films of Wes Anderson (except Bottle Rocket, which had a boring color palette).

How to use:
Download and save in the “Palettes” folder within the main “ODV” folder. On my Mac, this is under “Documents”. Then, when running ODV, select “properties” then “general” to change the palette. You will have to re-start ODV for the properties panel to see the new palettes.

Please let me know if you convert these palettes for another platform and I’ll add them to the list. (

I should say that  I had no idea other people were working on similar things, but you can see their work here.

Nitrate plus Wes
Surface nitrate concentrations ala Wes Anderson (and his color palettes)










Ocean Data View palettes:

Royal Tenenbaums

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

Hotel Chevalier

The Darjeeling Limited

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Moonrise Kingdom (Suzy’s color palette)

Moonrise Kingdom (Sam’s color palette)

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Catello Cavalcanti

Isle of Dogs

Matlab palettes:

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (in prep)