Here you will find links to my publications and sometimes a “30 second description” of that work in lay man’s terms.

Lund, D., P.A. Rafter, R. Anderson (Submitted) Enhanced hydrothermal scavenging of 230Th on the Southern East Pacific Rise during the last deglaciation. Science.

Smart, S., H. Ren, S.E. Fawcett, R. Schiebel, M. Conte, P.A. Rafter, D. Sigman, G. Haug (In Review) Ground-truthing the planktic foraminifer-bound nitrogen isotope paleo-proxy in the Sargasso Sea. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta.

Rafter, P.A., J-C. Herguera, and J. R. Southon (In Prep) Is intermediate-depth seawater14C depleted during the deglaciation? A comprehensive look at the benthic foraminifera 14C proxy. (ms available)

Rafter, P.A., J-C. Herguera, J. Carriquiry, E. A. Solomon, and J. R. Southon (In Prep) Linking seafloor volcanism to rising carbon dioxide after the last ice age. (ms available)

Rafter, P.A., A. Bagnell, D. Marconi, T. DeVries (In Prep) A global analysis of nitrate N isotope observations and neural network model: deep-sea trends point to hotspots of efficient organic matter export (ms available; to be submitted to Biogeosciences Discussions).

Robinson, R. S., P.A. Rafter, et al. (In Prep) Contraction of the eastern equatorial Pacific high productivity zone across the Mid-Pleistocene Transition (ms available).

Lehmann, N., J. Granger, and P. A. Rafter, et al. (2018) Nitrate Isotope Evidence of the Origin of Subsurface Nitrate in the Western Equatorial Pacific. JGR-OceansLINK

Rafter, P.A., D.M. Sigman, K.R.M. Mackey (2017) New primary production requires recycled iron in the equatorial Pacific surface nitrate availability. LINK

Rafter, P.A., S.C. Sanchez, J. Southon and others (2017) Eastern tropical North Pacific coral radiocarbon reveals North Pacific Gyre Oscillation variability. Quaternary Science Reviews. LINK

Marconi, D., S. Kopf, P.A. Rafter, and D.M. Sigman (2017) Aerobic respiration along isopycnals leads to overestimation of the isotope effect of denitrification in the ocean water column. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta. LINK

Rafter, P. A. and D. M. Sigman (2016) The spatial and temporal variation of upper equatorial Pacific nitrate utilization. Limnology and Oceanography. LINK

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Rafter, P. A. and D. M. Sigman (2013) Coupled nitrate nitrogen and oxygen isotopes and organic matter remineralization in the Southern and Pacific Oceans. JGR-Oceans. LINK TO 30 SECOND DESCRIPTION HERE (JPEG or PDF).

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Rafter, P.A. and C.D. Charles (2012) Pleistocene equatorial Pacific dynamics inferred from zonal gradients in nitrogen isotopes. Paleoceanography. LINK

Rafter, P.A., C.D. Charles, D.M. Sigman, G.H. Haug and J. Kaiser (2012) Subsurface tropical Pacific nitrogen isotopic composition of nitrate: biogeochemical signals and their transport. Global Biogeochemical Cycles. LINK (“Most popular publication in GBC” first week of publication.) LINK TO 30 SECOND DESCRIPTION HERE (JPEG or PDF).

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